Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Moving Targets

Tonight's reading included the June 2008 issue of Ideomancer and a start on Ford's The Drowned Life collection. Should have the review of the former ready by early next week.

A very small show of progress in my cardio, finally, and something that might appear insignificant from the outside, but which certainly felt good: completed 2 miles on the treadmill under 17 mins. This seemed to have been some kind of arbitrary mental barrier, the sticky number 17. At 16 mins and 45 secs that means I'm running at an average of 8 mins and 22.5 seconds per mile, which is by no means fast, but still a good clip. The next goal is to shave off those 45 seconds and get my "pace" down to an 8-minute mile, sustained over 2 miles. Again, nothing to brag about but it's fun to keep your sights on moving targets.

And finally, I completed the first revision of a new story I finished on Sunday night. There will probably be another draft or two by the end of the weekend; goal is to submit it by Monday 6/23 at the latest.
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