Saturday, May 24, 2008

Junebug in May

Finished the new story started on Wednesday and completed the first two revisions.

Watched Juno, which was cute and entertaining, but nothing to blog home about. I think the movie was over-praised by critics and doubt it will be much remembered say fifteen years from now. [Insert Time Tracker here: -15 years and counting.] Since I had essentially stopped watching movies when 08 rolled around, I went back and drew up a list of about a dozen movies I'd like to catch up on sometime in the near future.

This was also the first week of the new job (I'm swapping jobs with someone else at work for 30 days as a kind of experiment), which has proven pretty intense. But learning things is ultimately fun; keeps the brain engaged, exercised, and time passes quickly.

Ate this for the first time. Yummy.

Much reading and writing planned over the next two days.
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